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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Starting Out

Yes, I have jumped on the band-wagon, been swept up in the hype, and been bitten by the gun-grab panic bug. The media craze has prompted me to quit procrastinating and purchase a firearm I have been in love with since I first fired it in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO in 1995.
I decided to go the "build your own" route due to the $$ savings and the ability to get what I want without paying for what I don't.

At this point I have a stripped lower from Essential Arms, a bunch of magazines (which being in California I cannot use and have taken to Washington for safe keeping), some building tools and a lot of knowledge gained from various web sites. (below)

I have also ordered a 16" mid-length Rifle Kit from Del-ton ( and am in the waiting pattern.

As the days drag on I will keep this updated with the progress and associated costs.