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Friday, October 30, 2015

Next step?

Now I am looking at CNC machines for creating my own parts. I am looking at this company and they have a give away going on.... Maybe I will get lucky.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dark Times

In media-frenzied anti-gun rhetoric chaos spurred on by another gun free zone mass shooting, personal-fear driven political agendas are once again threatening the American way of life. Ignorance abounds...or not. Seriously, do politicians really expect me to believe that they truly believe eliminating the second amendment and eliminating guns in America will make Americans safer? BULLSHIT. I know the agenda is NOTHING about keeping me safer. It is 100% about eliminating my ability to exercise the fourth branch of government the founders built in with the second amendment 
. The citizens ability to check tyranny.
Ask yourself this: In a time of mass shootings and "out of control" gun violence, when was the last terrorist attack on a politician protected by an armed security force? What if these wack-jobs knew that the school they were going to shoot up had an armed security force and trained armed faculty?
That being said, on to the build updates
.264 LBC
Finished.  BHW 22" barrel in the semi-bull contour. Great barrel but a bit of a PITA due to the .875 dia at the gas block and muzzle.  
After an exhaustive search I found Nathan hooked me up with a gorgeous four port break that matches the BHW barrel perfectly. After some smithing, I was able to time the break without a washer. New skill learned. The best part - the price. This is a very high end quality, custom brake at mass production Chinese prices. 

The next item of consternation was the gas block. Being that I am dealing with a .875 barrel and wanted to keep the gas block matching the barrel, I spent a bit more at Brownells to get what I wanted. I made it up with the hand guard I got off Craigslist from someone wanting a shorter look. I ended up with this 15" key mod free float hand guard for ~$50.  I added a Magpul UBR stock and a CAA bipod to finish it all off. As far as optics go, I had a couple options. I have an older Nikon that was on a .280 Norma mag; it performed well but I didn't like reticle. I tried a NC Star MKIII 2-10 scope just for kicks and am constantly surprised by the way these scopes perform. I feel like this gun can outshoot me right now.