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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Service Rifle Build

Here is what I got:
White Oak Armament Service Rifle Barrel: $205
RRA NM barrel sleve: $90
RRA two stage trigger: $75
RRA NM Carry Handle: $115
A2 Stock: Free (traded for M4 Stock)
RRA Stock weight: $20
.050 NM front sight post:$5

Total paid for this build was ~$550 after shipping and misc. pieces and parts. If you check the RRA page you will see that the prices I am posting are way below the retail prices. I have an 03 FFL for the purposes of collecting old firearms, but it really pays off with the discounts RRA offers. If you are serious about building AR platforms, pay the $30 and get your FFL.

The actual build process was very straight forward, the most difficult part was getting the barrel and the sleve installed to where all the parts line up. Also the Front Sight Post on the WOA barrel is windage adjustable, and the set screw lines up right under the sling mount on the barrel sleve. This is a pain, but a few seconds with a dremmel and a cut off wheel created a notch that gave me access to the set screw. The key to a NM build is to take your time, don't force anything, and use the right tools.

I don't have a 600m range to really put this rifle through it's paces, but after getting the sights dialed in I was sub-moa at 200 yards with very little effort. This rifle is HEAVY, which is bad if I wanted to take it on a jungle patrol, but the furthest this thing will travel on a sling is from the firing line to the mat. Strictly a match rifle, unless the zombie appocolypse hits then I will post up on the roof and get them before they know I am there.