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Thursday, September 24, 2009

So here we are, well into week 17 of waiting on my order from Del-Ton. I am going to be in Pascagoula, MS next week, so of course, my upper will get here then.
Currently here is where I stand as far as getting this thing together:
What I have:
Lower - Essential Arms stripped lower (OLL - an important factor in California) $0 (thanks Dad)
Sights - MBUS front and rear $85
California Compliant items - Prince50 Bullet Button and Action Wrench $25
10 round Magazine - $12
Ammo - 100 rounds .223 $50(can you believe this shit?)

What I need:
Upper assembly and lower parts kit - on order from Del-Ton $533
Primary sight - would like a 2x scope or variable, I have a red dot but would like a scope
Sling/sling mount - ~$50
Ammo - I would like to have around 1K reserve and 500 rounds to play with ~$500
Four rail handguard - Can be found for ~$70
Total I will have $700 invested with about another $100 for "dig-me" items NOT counting ammo...not bad considering it would cost me ~$1500 for the same rifle plus all the California fees and such.

Still waiting....

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