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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Latest update

It has been awhile since I have updated this. Here is where I stand with the EBR. To direct the bullet to the target I have a NcStar Mark III 2-7x32 Tactical Scope with quick release mount on top of a 1/2" Picatinny rail riser, backed up by Magpul Back-up sights (MBUS). I took this set up to the range and it worked out pretty well, I wasn't able to get a real good sight in session but the bullet hit the target in the general area I wanted it to. I need to get to a good range to do things right. At the range I noticed that the rails on the handguard were pretty uncomfortable so I picked up three sets of Magpul XTS rails in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Olive Drab. This made a huge difference in comfort and looks cool too in a "camo" pattern. I probably need one more set to complete the look but it is functional. I had a forward grip I got from an armorer during a deployment that I stuck on, it works well and folds to get out of the way. Last item that I put together is a single/double point bungee sling I built from looking at pictures and reading other peoples builds, it works well, is fairly comfortable and was about 1/4 what a commercial rig would cost. To transport I built a maple case using some curly maple that I had laying around, it is a bit heavy but looks great and gets attention when I bring it out. That's all for now, I still intend on putting a light/laser, and possibly a bipod. I would eventually like to replace the grip, I found a 1911 style grip adapter that looks really nice and is pretty inexpensive ~$15. As soon as I find someone that has one in stock I will get it.

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